It is almost inevitable in any serious discussion on food to have the word "Terroir" crop up. So what is terroir ? Most foods we consume in Western europe or North America originate in other parts of the world. Vine from Georgia, apricots from China, tomatoes from the americas and so on. So where is their terroir ? Do the strawberries we consume in December in London come from a terroir? Are the vast plantations of olive trees in Calofornia a terroir ? Or their vines for that matter? You cannot measure terroir, there is no scale. You cannot eat terroir, in fact not so long ago if a food had a "gout de terroir" it meant it was not nice to eat. And yet, the inquisitive traveller will be able to taste his way across France or Italy and return with a unique gustatory experience which is not easily available without leaving his home. He may not have eaten anything exotic, but on occasions, certain foods in some places were definitly very satisfying and memorable. A gustative snapshot. A foof, a time, a place, people who produced it, prepared it, served it. A terroir ?